10 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Makeup Artist

Hello! Being a makeup artist is awesome. Let me tell you why

  1. As a makeup artist, I get to make women FEEL beautiful even when they are feeling down about themselves and the way they look. Enhancing their natural beauty features to really make them feel good about themselves again and boost their self confidence. Even if it’s just a little makeup, you don’t need a lot!
  2. Makeup is like a form of art to me, a therapy. I could be in a terrible mood or feel like crap and forget about everything while I am doing makeup and hair on someone, until I’m finished and it all hits me again lol. But in that time period, I have my happy face on (or my serious, focused face) while doing something I absolutely love to do.
  3. Makeup Artistry never feels like a job to me. It is something that I love to do, even when I am totally not in the mood to do it, once I start, I feel like I just want to keep going.
  4. Women rely on makeup artists to give them our professional opinions and create a look that they can’t do themselves. They rely on us to enhance their natural beauty without looking like they have layers of makeup on – that’s a true artist there. They help us empower them.
  5. I get to meet so many incredible women along the way, some of them are now my friends!
  6. Well, I get to play with makeup all the time. What girl doesn’t love that? I don’t even wear much myself, very minimal, but I sure love applying it on others!
  7. I get to bring out my creative side. Some women trust my professional judgement to do what I think would look best on them, while others know exactly what they want to do. When they know exactly what they want, it’s fun because it may not have been something I would have thought of. On the other hand, I like showing my true skills to create a look customized for each individual person that really enhances their natural beauty. Either way, I am always adjusting looks to suit the clients face and eye shapes.
  8. There are so many fields of makeup artistry to choose from – weddings, editorial, fashion shows, photoshoots, tv and film, special effects, body painting, airbrushing.
  9. Since I specialize in weddings, I am an important part of a brides wedding day to get her looking and feeling absolutely fabulous. She is able to look back at her photos for years to come and see how amazing she looked and felt that day. I mean, how many occasions do you get to go all out and look your absolute best? It’s fun to be the princess or queen for a day!
  10. Since I am into green beauty and natural options,
    I have the opportunity to educate my clients on ingredients that are found in our products and help recommend them  non-toxic products for their own everyday use. I work on many skin tones/types/face shapes/eye shapes etc., that I am able to best show them how to apply these products on themselves and recommend the right shades.

If you are thinking about this for a career of your own, there are great schools that you can attend to get your education and help get your career started. It has been very fulfulling for me once I found the area of makeup that I loved, and let me tell you, it didn’t come easy and it didn’t come right away. I didn’t discover how much I loved doing boudoir photoshoots and weddings until 7 years after I graduated from the Blanche MacDonald Center.

If you’re an artist and would like to work together, please contact me! I would love to chat.

Inquiries and bookings, please contact hello@scobeautygrp.ca

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