How to prep skin for long lasting makeup

Skin preparation is an extremely important ingredient to a good makeup application that will look flawless and last all day.

Have you ever put on makeup and found the foundation just didn’t sit right? Maybe it looked like it was almost separating on your skin? Or it made your skin look dry?

Skin prep is SOOOO important when it comes to a good makeup application.

Proper prep will allow your makeup to glide on smoothly, look flawless AND will help it last all day!

Primer alone will not help and will end up being a waste of money if you aren’t using proper skincare prep FIRST. So if you’re going to spend most of your money on something for your face, it best be your skincare choices. Otherwise, forget about the primer as it won’t save you. Neither will high end foundation. SKIN!!!!!

Here is our client prep sheet for any event:

        Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This will help with glowing, hydrated skin. It also helps with dark under eye circles.

        Decrease salt intake a few days prior, salt retains water which can contribute to bags under the eyes.

        Exfoliate your face the day before. This could be in the form of a facial treatment mask, peel or leave on treatment. This will help slough away dead skin cells so the makeup sits nicely on your skin. Don’t forget the lips! A simple sugar and oil mixture will work on them. Apply lip balm after.

        Come with your skin cleansed and moisturized.

        For down hairstyles, come with your hair freshly washed but dried. We will use products to create lift and hold.

        For up styles, wash your hair the day before unless you are super oily, in which case wash the morning of and dry.

        If you prefer your own false lashes, please bring them.

        Don’t forget any specific hair accessories you would like to include. If you are looking for something, let us know so we can help you!

        Get some rest the night before to help prevent dark under eye circles and energy levels.


Cleanser-exfoliator-toner-serum-eye cream-moisturizer-oil

This is the order of your skincare products. I am not saying you need to use all of these every day, but this is the BEST prep for the night before getting professional makeup done or any event you want to do your own makeup for. And you can skip the oil if you want. Oil will lock in moisture so it’s especially amazing for dry, dehydrated skin.

***IMPORTANT SIDE EFFECT*** you’ll have amazing, glowing, youthful looking skin! Now who wouldn’t want that?!


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