In an Instant, Everything Changed.

vancouver langley momBack in 2017 after I gave birth to my second child, I had no idea how different things would actually be.

After my son was born in 2014, I was back to work fairly quickly and was happy to do so. I had lots of support around me which really helped get me through tough days and finding childcare.
With my second, I thought I would be able to bounce back fairly quick as well, maybe not AS fast but still pretty quick.
I was wrong. So, so very wrong.
I ended up taking more time off work than I had anticipated. Things were much more challenging then I could ever have imagined. I didn’t realize that taking care of a baby WITH a toddler would be as much work as it was. I found myself stressed and overwhelmed quite often. Not to mention, I have another job aside from this business. I don’t qualify for mat leave as I work for immediate family and don’t pay into the EI system.
Now the moms of 2 or more are sitting at their screen nodding their heads right now thinking “YUP!”. We are warriors for getting through that!


Anyway, the moment I realized that things would be so much more different this time around is the moment I decided I needed to create another income stream that didn’t require me to do services or leave the house. So I started planning to open an online beauty shop with my favourite toxin free products and expanded from there.
At the same time, I also re-branded and changed my business name (only to dislike it a few months later, but that’s a whole other story! And I have found my forever name since then). So I ended up creating even more work for myself then decided I needed to hire a business coach.
Not the worst decision I ever made but word of advice to ANYONE out there thinking a coach is their next step, make sure you actually want to do the thing you want your coach to help you with.
I realized later in 2018 that the online shop wasn’t what I wanted to focus on. I still have it, you can still shop online (and every order is sooo greatly appreciated! I get so excited when I see a new order, still).
My biggest focus has turned to education and my team. Particularly the health and safety areas and business mentoring to beauty pros. I LOVE helping others and I can use my personal experiences and knowledge I have gained from coaches, courses and other workshops to teach methods that actually work.
Since I became clear on what my vision was and started looking at things differently, wonderful things started happening. I feel better, I’m more confident, I’m attracting the right people towards me and I’m really making a difference in peoples lives.
It has been quite the journey and I have learned a LOT about what works, what doesn’t and what actually lights me up inside. My team has been an amazing support channel throughout this journey. They are amazing souls and amazing artists. 
We now have a beauty community that ANYONE can join where myself and my team will be educating you with tutorials, tips, tricks and education about beauty products including makeup, skincare, tools and ingredients. 
And also a group for lash professionals across Canada to learn how to level up and grow a sustainable business.
I am very proud of what I have accomplished and the success I have had and look forward to what the future holds for myself and S & Co. I hope you follow along this beautiful journey with my team and me!
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