Lash FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions 


Lash extensions do not damage the lash when applied correctly. They should only be glued to 1 of your natural lashes and will fall off naturally when that lash has ended its cycle. Lashes have a growth cycle of 60-90 days. The average person has approximately 90-150 lashes per eye on the top and approximately 80 on the bottom. We lose about 2-5 lashes per day which is why lash extension fills are recommended around the 3rd week (give or take). As long as they have been applied properly and safely, you can continue to get infills without having to remove after a few fills and take a break or get a fresh full set again.

You will notice your lashes falling out more only because you now have a longer, thicker lash attached to it whereas you might not otherwise notice it fall out. Don’t be alarmed if you lose a few on the first few days, they may not have bonded properly to the lash or they may be at the end of their cycle. Be sure to mention it to your lash artist if it seems like a significant amount within the first week.

Certain medications can cause you to have adverse reactions to the glue or lash extensions may not last as long. Be sure to mention to your lash artist if you are currently taking any medications. If you have any eye conditions, you may be denied lash services permanently or temporarily.

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