Lash Lift Training Manual

Lash Trainer….

Take the hassle out of creating a lash training manual

3x certified award winning lash artist carefully developed this detailed lash lift and tint training manual so you don’t have to!

Save HOURS of research and stop wondering what goes in your manual

You stumbled upon this website as you are thinking of creating your lash manual but can’t help but wonder…

What do I need to put in it?

What if I miss something?

Where do I find all the information needed?

How do I put it all together?

I want to give my students the best possible training…

How long will this take me to create?

Where do I start?!

the modules

Can be customized for your branding and lash lifting products. Video demonstration included!

Give your students the best training possible. Together we can bring this industry up.


Created using the NALA (National Association of Lash Artists) guidelines for accreditation. They have years of research across the globe assessing various levels of infection control and set the highest standards for their association.

Soon to be accredited!