Makeup Lessons

Are you ready to master the art of makeup and feel confident everyday? 

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or a seasoned enthusiast looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive makeup lessons will elevate your beauty game.

If this is you, then keep reading
  • Struggling with blending
  • Not sure which brush to use
  • You want to look more refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Can’t figure out how to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape
  • Can’t match your foundation
  • Don’t want to show your face on zoom meetings
  • Youtube tutorials aren’t helping
  • Spending money on products that don’t work for you
  • Tired of the same look all the time
Just Imagine...
  • You feel confident with how to put your makeup on
  • You could do your makeup quick AND look flawless
  • Looking polished and professional for your meetings
  • Putting your best face forward in the dating world
  • Looking polished for all your business marketing photos
  • Completing your “power suit” look with the right makeup
  • Saving TIME and MONEY by getting the RIGHT products for you

Most people want to keep that youthful look, look more refreshed or more polished and feel beautiful and confident. If I can teach you the fundamental skills you need to create that look with the exact techniques I use on all my clients, will you join me so you can feel confident and ready to conquer your day? These fundamentals can work on ANYONE!

What You'll Learn
  • Skincare Prep – create a more refreshed and glowing appearance with the right skincare routine and right products for your skin type and age. Your makeup will also go on smoother and last longer!
  • Choosing the right foundation and concealer for your skin tone and type. Learning the right technique to get your foundation to last longer, cover dark circles and blend for a flawless finish. Best techniques to conceal fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Highlighting and contouring to enhance your best features for everyday and on camera.
  • How to choose blush colour to look for that healthy glow and where to apply.
  • Using the right eyeshadows to make those eyes pop! How to choose eyeliner that stays on all day and use liquid liner to enhance. Day and evening makeup and how to do a quick and easy change in your car.
  • Save time and money by purchasing the RIGHT products for you and knowing how to use them.
  • How to do your makeup like a pro without being a pro!
How does this work?

Lessons can be online or in person.

We’ll send over a questionnaire to get an idea of what you are hoping to accomplish so we can make the best of our time together.

We work with mostly toxin free beauty brands, many of them being Canadian companies and can get you access to some discount codes.

Simply send us an email to schedule your session!


In Person Lessons:

Personal makeup lessons: $120/hour (1 hr minimum)

Group makeup lessons (2-3): $85/hour per person. (1.5 hour minimum)

Group makeup lessons (4 – 6): $70/hour per person (1.5 hour minimum)

Bridal makeup lesson – 2 hour session: $225


Online Lessons:

Mini Virtual Makeup Lesson – for some quick corrections (30 min): $40

Detailed Virtual Makeup Lesson: $75/hour

Makeup Bag Makeover (30 min): $40

Stop wasting money on products that don’t work for you or you don’t know how to use that just sit in your drawer. These pro techniques will teach you how to use your products correctly with no previous skills required! This easy step by step system works for everyone!

"Stefanie is wonderful, informative and true believer that one product doesn't fit all. We're all different, shapes, body chemistry, allergies, beauty desires, flaws, etc. Stefanie is open and honest with her beauty suggestions and has never recommended a product just because."
"Steph was very knowledgeable , I learned so much, I recommend her class, and interested in checking out her shop and maybe the eyelashes sometime."

How will our classes be different from a youtube makeup tutorial?

Through my many years of experience working with various skin tones, eye shapes, face shapes, skin types and more, you will learn the fundamentals of makeup application that can be applied on anyone.

Makeup is more than just slapping some products on your face, it’s about the process. Let’s create a beautiful process for you that is simple and easy to follow. 

Why listen to me?

Hi I’m Stefani Chies! (pronounced key-es). I’m an award winning makeup artist, award winning lash artist, clean beauty specialist and beauty educator for woman all over the world that are entrepreneurs, business professionals, moms and anyone that wants to gain confidence and step into the powerful women they know they are.

Through my years of applying makeup for others, I have had the same questions asked over and over again on how to properly apply makeup for your specific skin tone and eye shape. I’m here to teach you the techniques for applying makeup to amplify your natural beauty and get you ready for whatever the world has in store for you. This course will give you the confidence to apply makeup and understand the HOW, WHY and WHEN of each product and tool. No matter what age, profession or lifestyle you are in, you will find what you need to feel confident and EXTRA beautiful! (because you are already beautiful!)


Yes! Re-watch again to continue to practice your new techniques!

Contact me anytime,

That’s okay! The beauty of our lessons is less is more. If you don’t have what you need, you can look at our recommendations! No need for 37 products though, we’re keeping this simple!

Yes, the techniques taught in this course will work for anyone!