My Visit with The Tortoise and the Hairless Pet Services

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit Rachael and Anthony of The Tortoise and the Hairless Pet Services. If you don’t know who they are, they run a pet service company and have a small sanctuary in their home where they care for animals that they have been surrendered, saved from poor living conditions or from being (gulp) euthanized. These 2 have such big hearts and are some of the nicest, selfless people I know. Their living room is basically turned into a home for various types of animals. Here’s a few photos of some of

the critters they care for. This little dog, Milo, jumped up on my lap when I was sitting down. They both were shocked as they said he never does that. I felt pretty special that he liked me 🙂



When I first walked into their place, all the dogs got super excited and were jumping up at me. Of course, I was warned of this before I got there and was given treats to bribe them with as I walked in. I’d give them a treat and they would run off. Rachael got them in a row in front of her, sitting, patiently waiting for their treats. After a few moments of excitement with a new person entering their home, they calmed down and at one point every single one of them was sleeping. It was so quite I didn’t even realize they were all there!

Rachael introduced me to all the animals and told me a little about each of them. I couldn’t possibly repeat all those stories as there were a lot, and I was actually super tired that day so my mind wasn’t 100% functioning! But I did get to see the snakes have their dinner, which I have never seen before. And I got to hold 2 of the lizards which were pretty cool! I learned that the tails of the males usually fall off when they get older and don’t grow back. Or if they are feeling threatened they will drop the tail. The ferret they had has a patch of missing hair and requires daily medication multiple times, he was a stinky little guy but pretty adorable!

Next thing I know I turn around and there is a giant tortoise just hanging out on the floor. His room is in the back of their place as they have no more room in their living room with the rest of them so Anthony brought him out to be part of the action.

With this tiny space they are in, they are at max capacity for taking in animals and have unfortunately had to turn some away. They have an opportunity to move into a larger space and that will be happening next month so they are able to accommodate more animals in need and have their pet services on site rather than all mobile (which they will still offer). They are super excited for the move and I also can’t wait to go visit them there! With the new space they will be able to offer more adoption services and foster homes.

The revenue they receive from their pet services is how they are able to care for all these extra animals that come into their home. Some of them can cost a lot when you start dealing with medications and special diets. Donations are accepted to help care for these animals and give them the best life possible. Without the donations from others, what they are doing may not be possible. Donations can be in the form of cash or things they need for the animals. You can find a list of items on their site in the gallery while you read about each animal that they have there and look at photos of them.

Throughout November and December, I decided to donate a portion of my revenue to them to help with some of these costs. I love animals and the products I use with my business are all cruelty free so this felt like an excellent fit. I was fortunate to give them $350 and that’s all thanks to my amazing clients for booking their beauty services with us!

I look forward to working with these 2 throughout this year and beyond!

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here and heading to their website.  They will be greatly appreciative of your kindness!

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