What got me started in the beauty industry?

I want to start out by saying, I am not a writer. But I really want to start sharing my story with all of you on how I got into the beauty industry and why.

My mom was never big on makeup and never really showed me anything so I didn’t pick up any interest on it. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist, or a vet, or something to do with animals or I really wasn’t sure. I mean, they start asking you in elementary school what you want to be when you grow up, who really knows!? When I entered high school though, I knew I wanted to be in business for myself. I think it was in grade 8 or 9 that a friend of mine had introduced me to makeup. I was so intrigued by how just a little makeup can enhance your beauty or just make you feel beautiful. There was so much you could do with it including looking like a totally different person. From there, I was hooked. I didn’t wear a lot myself at first, then I started experimenting with different looks for a while. Eventually, I went down to just simple foundation and mascara. I had horrible skin so I felt that I needed the foundation to cover it up and make myself feel better (self confidence.) I started to find myself more interested in doing other peoples makeup and not so much my own. I used the face as my canvas and got creative.

While at this point, I didn’t know much about how to properly apply makeup, it was all just for fun until I decided this is what I want to go to school for. I thought about getting into the tv and film industry, it sounded like a great idea so I started researching makeup schools and decided on the world renowned Blanche MacDonald Center. Shortly after I graduated high school, I started the 9 month Makeup Artistry Diploma program in 2006 (which has since changed since I attended).

That was when my real journey began.

The program had various different modules from wedding makeup, basic hairstyling, fashion, tv and film, airbrushing, special effects and some editing classes. It was so amazing to be able to learn all these different aspects of the makeup industry. After we  
did the tv and film module, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get into that part of the industry anymore. So I decided to volunteer on a couple film sets to get a feel for it. I’m not sure if the ones I was on were just not organized enough or I just didn’t have the experience needed yet, but I found myself lost and not sure what I was supposed to do, when they explained it all in school, it seemed much simpler. Unfortunately, I did not have anyone to guide me that day and show me how it’s done. I tried another one, and it felt the same so I decided, this is not what I want to get into. Not only that, but the long days and various different lengths of contracts was not appealing to me. I wanted more. It didn’t make me feel good, it just felt like a job. However, I did have LOTS of fun in school playing with different looks! I included a few photos for you here



I volunteered for various fashion shows doing the hair and makeup and connected with some photographers to start building my portfolio. At this point, I was still experimenting with different styles and what I liked and didn’t like, trying to find the area in the industry that suited me best. I did freelance work for many years on various projects and worked at a few makeup places as well building my skills and portfolio.

But I somehow got bored of it, I obviously had not found my passion in makeup artistry yet, it was hiding, it was hard to find. I felt like giving up on makeup artistry all together. I stepped back for a few years and didn’t do much at all, maybe a few photoshoots here and there and makeup and hair for friends and family. It wasn’t until 2012 when I did a full day of makeup for a boudoir marathon for a photographer that I completely fell in love again.


It was making women feel  beautiful that really made me happy and gave me so much satisfaction in what I was doing that I wanted more.

Shortly after, I discovered doing weddings in 2013. Although I had done a few here and there on this journey, I was doing contract work for another business at their studio and it was also something I really enjoyed, making a bride feel and look beautiful on
one of the biggest days of her life. So I put myself out there and got a few bookings for the upcoming wedding season and I was hooked. That’s what I loved to do. Help women not only look good, but FEEL good! Boosting their self confidence so they can let their inner beauty shine bright! It was such an amazing feeling that I can’t get enough of!

In 2013, I started my own company. I decided to go all in and build my reputation and portfolio around weddings and boudoir. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Since then, I have built a team of artists that share the same passions as I do, and it has been fabulous working with all of them! My company is now called Organic Makeup Artistry. Why organic? That’s a blog post for another day.

As for lash extensions, I have always been a lash girl. I LOVE lashes and have had them done many times before deciding to get trained on how to do them. I was pregnant at the time when I decided to take the course, and thought it would be a

great service that I could do at home with my little one while I wasn’t able to do my full time job. And since I work for immediate family, I do not qualify for EI benefits. Since the first course, I took another with a different company for the advanced volume lash technique. I absolutely love doing lashes and it’s been a great to be able to work from home more. Especially since I’m expecting again 🙂


To this day, I am definitely not a beauty queen. I don’t wear a lot of makeup myself, even when I go out. I just prefer to apply it on others instead, I find it more fun. However, I do like getting my hair styled! And my lashes done, when I have time. What girl doesn’t like someone playing with her hair? So I want to thank my team, and everyone else that has supported me on this venture in the past years and made this possible. It really is a blessing to have such wonderful artists to work with and such wonderful clients to beautify!

What you can expect from this blog..  I want to share how I got into organic and non-toxic beauty but first I do want to reflect a little on 2016. Other things to expect here is some green beauty tips, connecting health with beauty, makeup tips, skin tips, wedding beauty stuff, lifestyle posts, and generally just whatever I feel like talking about! I won’t make this all about me though, I will share with you some other amazing local business that I love and/or have worked with! There will be contests and giveaways from time to time, and other exciting news as 2017 progresses! I do have a few things I’m working on getting set up.

To kick off the new year and my new blog, I want to do a giveaway! Please comment
with WHY you love YOUR business (please don’t actually post your links though, thank you). If you don’t have a business, share something you love about your life right now. I just want to know what drives you to keep doing what you are doing, what lights the fire. I will do a draw for $50 credit towards ANY services! Must be located in the lower mainland, BC.  Draw will be on  Jan 12 at 9:30pm. Please do leave your email or a way of contacting you!

Thank you so much! Good luck 🙂 Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “What got me started in the beauty industry?

  1. Loved your blog Stepfani! You painted a picture of your journey & took us along ❤ Looking forward to more!

    I love my business as Realtor for the homes & people’s lives I have the privilege of being involved ???? It also provides time for me to build on Hair Care product business ???? & network with other lady bosses ????
    Sincerely, Julia Greene – Langley, BC

  2. Great story Stefani. I love my Arbonne business for so many reasons. First it was because we were looking for safer everyday personal care products. Which we found and love. Then the business model and compensation plans were so intriguing we had to look.
    I decided to jump in with both feet!!
    Since starting my biz I have learned a ton about the skincare and makeup industry. What goes into the everyday products sold in drugstores is alarming.
    I’ve traveled (more than in 20 years) in Canada and the US and am looking forward to building a team in Australia and Taiwan.
    The best thing has been the friends I’ve made. This is so much more than a business, it’s like a family.

  3. Hi Stefani. You did awesome with sharing your business journey with us. Pretty inspiring. Like you, each business minded person has its driving force to say ” This is what I want to do & I will win in this … ”
    I am a nurse by profession for 20 years now & with 3 kids.I was introduced to financial industry by another RN who’s a classmate of my hubby in California. I’ve seen & met associates (from different professional backgrounds, age groups, etc) in the company & personally, i am impressed as to how huge our company is. The company’s motto of ” No Family Left Behind ” has an impact on me. I am a nurse & i am used to helping & caring for others and in our company, we believed that each family (of any living status) deserves to be helped out & be listened to. It doesn’t matter if a family can only save $50 a month or 1K a month, our company treat every family the same. No family should be left financially burdened when the breadwinner is gone. Each retiree should be enjoying their retired years with no financial constraints. Each business owner should understand how to save on taxes. Our business system has the capacity to help us grow big in this business, big enough that I can leave a legacy of being a philanthropist one day. There are so many others things as to why I chose this line of business. To name a few:
    – my time is flexible
    – i can spend more time with my family
    – I don’t have to be physically & psychologically drained out
    – great, great pay
    – i developed way better habits
    – i became more positive as I am surrounded by positive minded people
    – we do charity fundraiser events & our mother company match up the amount we raise 100%
    Currently, i am part time in nursing in a hospital & transitioning to become full time in the business.

    1. Hi Claire!

      Thank you for your comment. Love your passion for helping others.

      I’m little behind, but you have won my draw for $50 credit towards any makeup, hair or lash services! I’ll contact you via email.

      Thank you!

  4. Awesome first blog post Stef!! Even though I feel I’ve been with you through a lot of this journey, from us playing with make up way back in grade 9, to being one of your “models” at Blanche, to being a “tester” of your lashes, and having you do the make up for my sister’s wedding, it was great hearing your journey through your perspective and really inspired me. I’m so proud of you! Just like you, I love my job because it is also very rewarding and you can never get sick of that feeling that you are making a difference in other people’s lives. Love you! ❤

  5. Great blog! Like you, my mom didn’t teach me about makeup or skin care and I’m still finding my way. So I’ll be watching for your next post as I’m always interested to hear what others use and recommend in terms of organic makeup. I’m a Young Living Essential Oils educator and team leader and I LOVE my business. I love the time freedom, the financial independence and the health we have gained. I love sharing with other mamas that life doesn’t have to be all bills, all day but it can be designed however you want it to Be!

  6. Thank you all for your comments! We have so many passionate women in business out there 🙂 I am so sorry I haven’t done the draw yet! I will do it tomorrow and email the winner. Thank you all so much!!

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