Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Why hire a professional makeup artist?

Makeup and hair by Stef Chies
Makeup and hair by Stef Chies Photography by Amanda Coldicutt Photography


Now, I don’t want to tell you that you don’t know how to do your own makeup, because you probably do. You may have even jumped on youtube or instagram to learn tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup for everyday wear, and I’m sure it looks fabulous. However, when it comes to professional photos or your wedding day, you may want to consider hiring a professional makeup artist. You may find that a pro makeup artist is a critical part of your wedding day or photoshoot session. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Pro artists are trained to understand how to work with colour and black and white photography to make your makeup look its best. They understand how different lighting will affect how the makeup looks in the end and in the photos. With the wrong application, your skin could look washed out, blotchy or you may not even see the great makeup job you saw in the mirror.
  2. Proper highlighting and contourig can make a huge difference in photos. Pro artists know how to work with your face shape to enhance your natural beauty and bring out those amazing features you already have. Or if you’re self conscious about something, they know how to take care of that too!
  3. Makeup is an art, the face is the canvas. A pro artist is not only trained to apply flawless, long lasting makeup, they will also make you feel comfortable and relaxed through the entire process. From detailed wedding day timelines to working with you to create that stunning look you are dreaming of.
  4. A wedding day can be so exciting and emotional, it’s nice to have someone trained to take care of your makeup and hair so you can sit back and relax. You may be too nervous or anxious to apply your own makeup so having someone there to keep you relaxed could be a huge asset. A pro will take more time and carefully create the look that’s in your head to make you not only look amazing, but feel amazing. They will come to your location, be punctual, efficient and ensure you are ready with time to spare. They will take the stress away!
  5. Behind every beautiful movie star, singer or model, there is a talented and experienced makeup artist working hard to ensure they look great in every picture that is taken. Your wedding or portrait session is your mini celebrity moment and you should look and feel as amazing as those stars. Hiring a pro makeup artist is one way to guarantee that!

Stefani Chies

Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

Makeup by Stef Chies, Hair by Stephanie Wallace Photography by Rebecca Bennett Photography

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