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Hopefully you read my story on how I got into the beauty industry,  (read it HERE if you haven’t), now I’d like to answer a question I get asked a lot: why organic?  In the past few years “organic” has started becoming more and more popular in the Vancouver area. It’s almost trendy to be using organic makeup. But those that actually care, take the time to do the research and actually learn what the benefits are rather than jumping on the trend wagon.

For many years before I started my mobile makeup company, I suffered from acne. With experimentation, I discovered that pure mineral makeup was the only makeup that could provide coverage to my skin without making my acne worse. In fact, I noticed some brands actually made my skin look & feel better while certain brands and types of products like liquid foundations were a definite no for my skin.

At this time, I was also using a makeup kit that was stocked full of professionally recommended products. All I knew when I built this kit was that the products worked and, like most people, had not taken the time to research what the ingredients were. I thought that if they were being mass marketed, science must show that they were safe for us to be putting on our skin. How many of us think twice about this process?  However, the more I experimented with my own makeup products, the more I became convinced of the link between how my skin reacted and the ‘cleanliness’ of the products I was using. Curious, I decided to research.

What an eye opening experience that turned out to be!

toxic cosmetics

toxic lipstickThe more I researched and learned, the more convinced I was. Fueled by curiosity and the need to know, I couldn’t stop myself. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and the more terrified I got along the way.  I found out that many of the common ‘questionable’ ingredients are considered safe by the FDA. In low concentrations, this could even be true. But when the average woman uses 12 products per day in her beauty and skincare routine, and when they all have these ingredients in them, how do we know that it won’t cause a toxic build up in our bodies? Especially when almost everything you put on your skin is absorbed straight into the bloodstream in about 26 seconds!  We may not notice immediate effects, but the list of potential dangers goes on and on. Links are still being found between products we previously thought were safe that we now believe can cause anything from birth defects to cancer and a whole spectrum in between.

It turned out to be more of a wake up call and lifestyle change than I previously considered. I started being cautious of not only makeup, but skin care, body care, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, EVERYTHING. This also led me to start paying more attention to ingredients in food and started to eat cleaner – which started to help my skin even more and importantly, to feel so much better. And there is overwhelming evidence that choosing organic is not only better for your body, but it is better for the planet. The choice was easy after that.

organic beauty surreyMy commitment to switching to organic makeup became solid.  I decided to make the switch in not only my personal products, but the products I was using on my clients as well.  I changed my entire makeup kit and purchased all new products that adhered to my new high standards of being natural, organic and started my own company. Not long after that, I decided cruelty free and vegan products were just as important and adjusted my kit again. The last adjustment I made was to support as many local, or at least Canadian, brands as I could.


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I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. Of course it took some effort to find the right products. I spent a lot of time and money on finding the best products that perform the same as the other professional products I was previously using and that lasted all day, even through all the sweat and tears of a wedding day! But my commitment to provide the safest and cleanest beauty possible is steadfast, and I am super proud to offer all non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan products to my clients!

After all, why not organic?

Contact us to learn more about the products we use, to book your luxury makeover with our top quality non-toxic products or if you would like to collaborate. Hearing from you brightens our day!


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