Why did I decide to use only mineral and organic products?

I’ve actually decided to write a blog post on this topic. Click  HERE for the full story.

Short story:

IMG_528111I had been using pure mineral makeup on myself for many years before deciding to have ONLY organic, mineral and clean products in my professional kit.

I started learning about all the ingredients that make up our cosmetics, skin care, body care, hair care, personal hygiene products, cleaning products etc. And let me tell you, it was scary what I found out.


organic makeupBecause I am all about making women feel beautiful inside and out, I decided it was time to toss any product that didn’t meet my high standards of being natural and organic.

Since I personally started using these fabulous natural products myself, I’ve noticed how much better my own skin looks and feels.

Many people think organic and mineral makeup doesn’t have the same coverage and lasting effect as the other stuff.
This is not true, in fact not only does it have great coverage, it helps with various skin conditions and great for the most sensitive skin types. 

I have tried and tested MANY mineral and organic lines, and yes I have found some that don’t have the coverage and don’t stay on well.
Those are the ones I chose NOT to use in my kit. All the ones I use have great coverage and are long lasting.
brushesMy airbrush foundations are virtually weightless and will last all day and night through sweat and tears. Even our hair products contain safer ingredients so you can feel more at ease having to breath them in.

My makeup application style enhances your natural beauty by highlighting your best features and covering up any imperfections without making it look heavy and cakey.

Are you ready to experience what being naturally beautiful feels like?
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