Are your makeup brushes dirty?



You have no idea how many people I have asked how often they clean their personal makeup brushes and get the same response… never. If you happen to be one of the few that do, give yourself a pat on the back!

Why is it so important to wash your makeup brushes?

Even if you are not using them daily, they should be washed often. Every time that brush touches your skin, it grabs dead skin cells, natural oils, builds up makeup and then you let them sit and bacteria can start to grow. Your brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. Especially with your liquid and cream products. YUCK! makeup-brushes2

Another great reason to wash your brushes, they can hold on to that beautiful dark
shade of eyeshadow for the next time you want to use that gorgeous light shade. You will notice, the colour doesn’t quite go on right. This can be avoided with clean brushes! Your colours will go on nicer and you won’t mix them up and have to re-do your makeup.

If you suffer from problem skin, this should make a huge impact for you. Think about it,
every time you use that brush on your skin, it’s building up bacteria and oils (then you let your brushes sit for who know show long) then you proceed to spread it around your face the next time you use them which can spread your acne and make it even worse. If your skin does break out often, clean your brushes even more often – every time if possible. In time, you will start to notice a difference. Either that, or it could be the makeup and skin care you are using or it’s something internally causing it to surface on the skin.

So PLEASE wash your brushes. After every use is best, but at least a couple weeks is good too if you use them everyday. You do not need to go out and buy expensive brush cleaners. You can use products you already have at home such as shampoo or castile soap and condition them after if you wish.

How do you wash these brushes? You can simply use shampoo or castile soap and condition them after if you wish. Put a little shampoo in your hand and swirl them around making sure you get a good lather and continue until it rinses clear. Lie them out on a towel to dry. Never place them in a dish bristles up as the water seeps into the glues and can degrade overtime causing bristles to fall out. This will not only give you clean brushes, but prolongs the life of your brushes! Be sure to invest in a good set, they really make a difference when applying your makeup and they will last you much longer when well taken care of.

And there you have it, clean brushes and healthy skin! I understand this is probably not something you will do everyday, but at least 3 times a week will keep your brushes clean.

Now if you are one of those people that does not clean their brushes… I hope this post has inspired you to run to your poor makeup brushes and give them a good cleaning!!!

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