How Important Is A Makeup and Hair Trial For My Wedding?

“Do I need to have a makeup and hair trial? How important is this really?”

I see a lot of brides-to-be asking if the trial is worth it and if they should they spend the extra money on it.

Please allow me to explain the importance of your bridal makeup and hair trial and how to prepare for it:

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself 2 more questions:

  1. Do you trust your artist enough to know she/he can nail your look without one?
  2. Is it important to you to see what works and doesn’t before the big day to alleviate any stress?

If you answered YES to No.1, you likely can skip your trial if you both feel comfortable enough after chatting and going over inspiration photos. Be sure the artists portfolio matches the style you want.

If you answered NO, book your trial.

If you answered YES to No.2, book your trial.

If you answered NO to no.2, then again, make sure to check the artists portfolio to ensure she/he does the style you want and send your artist your inspiration photos.

The important thing is, YOU are comfortable on your wedding day with knowing your vision will come to life.

vancouver makeup artist and hair stylist

The important thing is, YOU are comfortable on your wedding day with knowing your vision will come to life.

I personally prefer trials. I like to meet my brides ahead of time, get to know them, see what their skin is like, what works and doesn’t (not just with colours and shades, but with products too), feel the hair texture and know what I might need to adjust for next time (do I need a hair bun? Extensions? More volume? More time? Etc. It gives you the opportunity to get to know me as well. Make sure we are on the same page for the wedding day.

It not only puts you at ease knowing you’re completely taken care of and you can relax with your mimosa, but it also makes me feel more comfortable knowing how to work with your skin and hair. And you have the chance to wear your chosen style for a bit and decide if there is something you want to change. Sometimes, what you think you want turns out to be different a few hours later!


It takes the guessing game out of the day of service and I know exactly how much time I’ll need. And I always plan for extra incase there are last minute adjustments.


We understand that budget may be part of the reason you are contemplating the trial. You’re already investing a lot in your photos and you will have them forever. Believe it or not but your makeup and hair really finishes your look. You might think it’s the dress, but we have to respectfully argue that! Without good makeup and hair, it doesn’t look complete.

How to prepare for your trial:

  1. Collect inspiration photos either from the artists portfolio or pinterest. This helps us create a customized look just for you. 
  2. Ask questions and speak up. We will discuss what you like and don’t like from each of your inspiration photos. Remember, this is your day and we want you to feel comfortable with your final look. Share a past experience with us.
  3. Come with your hair freshly washed and dried. And skin cleansed and moisturized.
  4. Have an open mind. What you think you want might be different or might not work for your skin or eye shape. You hired us for a reason. Let us give our professional opinion.
  5. It is highly recommended you wear white to your trial. If you have a similar cut top to your dress, even better! This will help envision what your makeup and hair will look like with your white dress.
  6. Bring your veil or hair accessories with you if you have them. If you don’t, your artist could recommend some pieces based on what hairstyle you chose. We have some pieces in our studio and plan to grow our collection for you.
  7. Have a photo of your dress handy.
  8. Be sure to take photos, your artist will so you can always request him/her to send them to you.
  9. It’s best to only bring 1 guest if your artist allows it. You can always show everyone else the photos later.

What you look like is going to be captured forever with your photos. Cheaper isn’t always better so please don’t skimp on this part of your wedding budget. We know everything to do with weddings does cost more and that’s mostly because so much more time goes into it for your benefit. Could you imagine hiring a cheap dj, without chatting with them first, only for them to show up with a phone and a small speaker? That’s why good vendors have conversations, ask questions, and spend a lot of extra time to ensure your day is as perfect as can be. Always check their work and reviews. The last thing you want is a vendor that doesn’t understand you.

So in closing, if you want to feel 100000% comfortable with the way you will look on your wedding day, opt for the trial.

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