Is a Lash Lift and Tint Safe?

Lash lift and tint treatments have become more and more popular  over the past few years. But is a lash lift safe for your eyes and lashes? Will it cause any damage? Is it good for everyone? How long does it last? What are my restrictions? These are probably a few questions you have asked yourself.

In this post, I will go over all these questions and more.

More than ever, people are paying more attention to what is in their products and what they are putting in their bodies. This is good!!

I have been safely performing lash lift treatments since 2015 and have taken 3 different classes. The first 2 classes weren’t great which is why I opted for the third which make a huge difference. However, my education didn’t stop there. Since then, I have tried over 10 brands of lash lift products to see what the actual differences were, and there were some huge differences in performance, quality and ingredients.

What is a lash lift?

The treatment manipulates the lash structure to curl from the root unlike lash perms that curl the middle of the lash. It creates a look as if you used a lash curler on your lashes. During the treatment, I also tint the lashes and for many that aren’t big makeup wearers to begin with, it’s the perfect way to add some pop to the eyes with little maintenance!

With a lash lift and tint, can I rub my eyes?

Yes, after 24 hours you can treat your lashes like your lashes. However, excessive rubbing of the eyelashes may cause pre-mature loss of curl due to the oils in our skin.

What if I have a reaction to a lash lift?

Contact your doctor immediately and let your lash artist know you have had a reaction and are going to the doctor.

If your reaction occurs during treatment, sterile eye wash is kept on hand at my station to quickly wash the eyes out.

Patch tests are available if you are typically really sensitive or have a big event coming up. We don’t want to take the chance if your wedding is a few days post treatment.

How long does a lash lift last?

Your lash lift treatment will last 6-8 weeks depending on the speed of your lash growth cycle. At this point, your lashes have grown out and new ones have come in. The tint product I use will last 3-5 weeks, others don’t last as long.

Can I get lash extensions after a lash lift?

Yes but you must wait 48 hours after your treatment. You can get lash extensions right after a tint though.


I wear contacts, can I still get a lash lift done?

Yes you can however, it’s highly recommended you remove your contacts prior to treatment. Lash artists should require this for the safety of your eyes.

Can I wear mascara after my lash lift treatment?

Yes after 24 hours you can wear makeup and wash your eyes as normal. The only restriction is no waterproof mascara. The lash lift treatment can be dehydrating to the natural lash and waterproof mascara is quite drying and can potentially damage your lashes.

How long does the process take?

This question can vary depending on the product used. The one I use takes less than 45 minutes. I book 1 hour appointments to include a consult prior.

Can a lash lift damage my natural lashes?

If done properly by someone professionally trained and using professional quality products, they should not damage your natural lashes. However, I have seen some techs using product they aren’t familiar with or leaving solutions on too long that cause damage.

There is no guarantee that every product won’t damage your lashes but I can tell you the product I personally use won’t. Always ensure your lash tech is certified to perform a lash lift treatment.

What can I expect from the process?

I walk through each step with my clients that are first timers to lash lifts. As you can see in this photo, your lashes are adhered to this shield with a water soluble adhesive and that’s how we get the shape.

What is the aftercare?

Don’t get them wet for 24 hours (up to 48 hours depending on brand of lash lift product used). After that they are your own lashes and you can treat them as so. Using a lash conditioner is great to keep your lashes strong, healthy and conditioned. Lash serums are great to use to promote growth and keep your lashes strong with the added nutrients provided. Check out my recommendations below.

Only restriction as said above is no water proof mascara.

Regular mascara is fine and great for added drama to your eyes!


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