Mineral Makeup vs Organic Makeup vs Natural Makeup

What is mineral makeup?makeup tool
Mineral makeup is made from very fine minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature and contains no chemical preservatives like mineral oil, dyes or fragrances found in traditional cosmetics. Good mineral makeup lines will not use fillers such as talc and starches. The pure mineral makeups will only have a few ingredients with the main ones being mica (colorant, opacifyer), titanium dioxide (opacifying agent and colorant), iron oxides (colorant) and zinc oxide (sunscreen agent), magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent, viscosity increasing agent), bismuth oxychloride (colorant, iridescent {shiny} effect)

What is natural makeup?
To understand what’s organic makeup, it is necessary to understand what’s natural makeup as there are often confusions between the two. Natural make-ups are supposedly made up from pure and undiluted plant derivatives and seem to literally contain no additives, preservatives or chemicals like mercury, alcohol, DEA, nitrosamines, alcohol, isopropyl and polyethylene glycol, and preservatives. These chemicals are harmful because when absorbed by the skin, they cannot be gotten rid of by the body. Therefore, increasing the level of toxins in the body, causing irreparable damage and harm to the body.

organicWhat is organic makeup?
Organic makeup on the other hand, is natural makeup that are manufactured organically from plants of organic sources. These make-up products are manufactured from ingredients that do not have any synthetic relation or affiliation with any genetically modified organisms. When a makeup is certified organic, they have to meet a strict organic certifying standard in all ingredients and processes, which prohibits them from using some ingredients found in natural products such as talc or unregulated or unsafe ingredients and/ or production methods non certified brands may employ. These brands may also be independently audited for quality. Generally, organic makeup is made up of essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they contain no talc, no synthetics, no petro chemicals, no parabens, no genetically modified ingredients, no animal testing and are preservative free.

Look out for the organic certification
There is a difference between organic makeup and non-organic makeup. Authentic organic makeup should be free of harsh chemicals, synthetic usda organicpreservatives, parabens, synthetic colors, and fragrances. In addition, they should not use genetically modified ingredients and should be 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals. They may or may not be of a vegan formulation. So if you’re on the lookout for organic makeup, you have to read the ingredient list. If not, at least look out for those that carry proper certification from USDA, Ecocert or some other established organic certification bodies.



Whatever your choice is, the best thing is to find out what works for you. Go through a list of all the ingredients on the label of the make-up products you want to buy. Then, make comparisons and decide based on what you know about the chemicals.

There IS a difference between Certified Organic makeup, mineral makeup and natural makeup vs the traditional makeup we are all used to. When you use a good organic or mineral makeup, you will never go back. The ingredients are healthy for the skin and actually help heal the skin. Not only that, but it feels so much better and lighter on the skin and looks more natural. No one likes that caked on look or the feel of it.

Do your own research on products, I can tell you that you will start sourcing out safer, non-toxic makeup products once you realize what you are actually putting on your skin. While we may not notice side effects now, it can happen down the road. Maybe externally on the surface of your skin, or it’s poisoned the insides so much they start causing health conditions. Maybe you will get lucky and nothing will happen! But, are you willing to take that chance? Everything you put on your skin absorbs INTO the body. Be careful what you put on your skin, and your childrens skin.

Also, please remember, just because it’s all minerals, natural or organic, it does NOT mean no one is allergic to it. Most people are allergic to man made chemicals but some can develop allergies to things in nature. Pollen and bees are a good example. I also have a friend allergic to pomegranate and I can’t use anything with grape seed oil. If someone has a reaction to any natural products, discontinue use immediately. Figure out which ingredient is causing it to avoid it in other products.


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