Cruelty Free Mink Lashes

Mink lashes used to be all the rage.

You have probably heard about getting lashes, coats and other items in Mink fur. You may have also heard the term “cruelty free mink”. What is a Mink you ask? That’s a great question, let’s check it out!

Here is the actual definition:


  1. a small, semiaquatic, stoatlike carnivore native to North America and Eurasia. The American mink is widely farmed for its fur, resulting in its becoming naturalized in many parts of Europe.
    • the thick brown fur of the mink.
    • a coat made of this.

    Minks are usually harvested for their furs which are considered superb, one of the best quality. They are born, eat, grow up, breed, make more minks, and then get killed and skinned for their fur. They are farmed at northern latitudes to make their coats thicker and warmer.

    They are actually really cute little predators. This is a European Mink:Image result for mink

    And this is an American Mink:

    Image result for american mink

    I know, adorable right?!

    But what do they do to these adorable little animals? 

    Now, someone that has mink lashes may have told you… they “gently” brush the mink to get it’s fur that is ready to fall off, and therefore, they are cruelty free! Well, think again.

    These so called “cruelty free mink” are farmed, kept in small cages until they are ready to be killed or “brushed”. Mink have unbelievably sharp teeth. I am sure it won’t be too happy after pulling it out of a cage to be “brushed”. Logically, this is not possible. Good luck trying to hold one long enough.

    While the American Mink is in no danger, the European Mink is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

    The mink’s fur is very valuable around the world. Because of this, there are farms that raise these animals specifically to harvest their fur.

    Watch this VIDEO where you can see Mink in the wild, and in farmed cages. This guy will tell you a bit about these beautiful creatures.

    Super cute eh?

    So yes their fur is amazing… but if your an animal lover… WHY believe these people that tell you cruelty free mink is possible?! That fur is coming from FARMED minks kept in small cages.

    Save the Minks. Go cruelty free for real. Opt for synthetic lashes (also known as faux mink). Honestly, you won’t even notice the difference when your artist uses high quality lashes. Check out our services page to learn about our lash services.

    At S & Co. Beauty, we care about the animals and ONLY use cruelty free and vegan lashes on all of our clients. 

    Save the bunnies, save the minks, save the animals. 

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