The Art of Lashing


Hello all! How many of you have had eyelash extensions before? Was it a positive experience or a negative one? I’ve had them done by 4 people now and I can definitely see the difference in the products used and techniques.

A little bit about eyelash extensions for those of you that don’t know or have heard mixed things:

Lash applications take approx 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on the look desired. Fills take approx 1 hour and again depending on the look desired.

Your natural lashes will fall out ever 60-90 days with a constant re-growth. This is why it is necessary to do a fill every 3-5 weeks to maintain the look you want to achieve. Some may have to come in sooner depending on what your lash cycle was when they were first applied, or how well they were maintained.

Since these lashes are never applied directly on the skin, the glue never touches your skin. They are perfectly safe and harmless.

Eyelash extensions should never pull your natural lashes out before they are ready. If this happens, it may be due to improper care or picking of the lashes. The lash extensions will fall out with your natural lash when they are ready. There is also the possibility of the glue breaking down faster due to products used around the eyes. It’s extremely important to use oil free products around the eyes and on the lashes. This includes your mascara (totally unnecessary when wearing lash extensions) which must be oil free. If you’re not sure, don’t use it and ask your lash technician. They will be able to tell you if the mascara you are using is ok or they will recommend you one. Contact with water or steam less than 48 hours after application, scrubbing or rubbing of the eyes are also factors that affect lash extensions life.

Products used for this procedure and technique can affect the life of your lash extensions. Too little glue will cause the lashes to fall off much sooner, while too much glue could cause clumping and an overall bad lash job. There are many types of lashes and glue out there that also affect the life of your lashes. There are higher quality, and lower quality products just like everything else. I have chosen to go with top quality products to ensure my clients are receiving the best quality services.


Just like how I pick my makeup products, they need to be cruelty free and as non-toxic as possible. I am currently in the process of switching all my lash products to a new line which offers 100% cruelty free products, organic after care and cleansing products and the glue is free from all harmful ingredients. I’m also going to be learning the volume lash technique this month which I am super excited about!

Volume lashes offer lighter weight lashes which means they will feel lighter, less likely to cause damage to the natural lash and may last even longer! This is also great for those with sparse lashes as it offers a chance to get a full look by applying 2 or 3 lashes to the natural lash. Anymore applied to each lash will be too heavy.

I am able to travel around the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas of BC for your lash application! As always, travel expenses may apply.

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